Survivors Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence

Have you experienced abuse, pain, brokenness, trauma, the loss of a loved one, or maybe a near death experience, due to domestic violence? Finally, there’s an all inclusive resource that will educate, help heal, and empower survivors to thrive beyond their years of abuse!


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6 reviews for Survivors Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence

  1. Well, this is the most wonderful collection of truth on Domestic Violence that has ever been published! Thank you for helping so many. I am one of the women who told her story and I AM A SURVIVOR! Dianne Smith


  2. This body of work is not only informative literature, beautiful art, and valuable information, this book also contains nutritional and delicious recipes, along with instructions through exercise and healthy eating how to achieve a positive body image. After reading this book my heart was sadden for the survivors who endured the pain, heart ache, and debilitating acts of violence. However, the sadness turned to joy after reading the victorious overcoming of the survivors. A true testament and outcome of a silver lining when one taps into the inner strength of God through faith and perseverance. Domestic violence is a topic that needs to be addressed and put to an end. Truly an enjoyable read. Dr. N. J. Pyles


  3. I just started this book and so far it’s amazing!!! This is truly 1 of the best reads this year, can’t wait to finish Kris.H


  4. As I immersed myself in the book’s content I felt empathy for each individual. The detailed informative stories serve as a guide that will imbue each reader and galvanize communities, households, and nations into eradicating domestic violence. Amazon Customer


  5. Love It ! Lynny Loo


  6. Through the use of Inspirational quotes, resources to get help, true life victim stories, well photographed pictures…this book fits many uses for its’ readers. “SURVIVORS…” is not only a coffee table book, it’s a discussion piece that means to bring a different type of attention to the dangers of domestic violence. “SURVIVORS…” is a handbook that can be of use to a current domestic violence victim to begin their rise out of the hold of their current situation. “SURVIVORS…” is intended to inspire anyone to look beyond their current situation (whether they are a domestic violence victim or not) and take action to not only dream but to go beyond those dreams and achieve them. K.S


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