Our Story

Increased Awareness, Less Violence

The O’Tahirah Foundation, Inc is a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization, founded by author and domestic violence survivor Tahirah Ogletree. We provide services for persons impacted by abuse and promote awareness for the general public and persons at risk of abusing others.

The O’Tahirah Foundation, Inc provides support to women, children, and reformed offenders who are seeking change. Our mission is to empower the silent to speak and share their stories through innovative approaches, testimonials, film, and educational documentaries.

About Us

We Increased Awareness to Decrease Violence

Our innovative approach to helping increase prevention awareness is channeled through the following areas: Corporate Awareness, Annual Survivors Renaissance, Community Awareness Events, National Prevention Campaigns and Awareness Tours.

We provide programs and services that aid in rebuilding hope in individuals after being in an abusive relationship or support to families who’ve lost loved ones to domestic violence. We advocate through EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT, AND HEALING.

In our quest to provide increased awareness and resources to individuals suffering in silence, SURVIVORS Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence Coffee-Table-Book, will be offered in waiting areas at businesses, corporate offices, and medical facilities.

Our Name & Our Values


The O’TAHIRAH® brand represents our founders name, her life’s journey, and her mission to inspire anyone who has been in an abusive relationship.  Tahirah replaced the letter “I” in her name with a silhouette of a woman, which symbolizes the strength of the empowered survivor that exists in all of us. O’TAHIRAH® is a registered trademark and became a national brand in 2016.


Our core values are built on the pillars of: love for God and one’s self, faith, prayer, forgiveness, healthy lifestyle, accountability, community, higher standards for life, elegance and excellence, courage, knowledge, strategic planning, execution, respect, perseverance, integrity, innovativeness, self worth, compassion and the power of conversation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize domestic violence prevention by providing groundbreaking awareness, healing, support, education and empowerment nationally and within our communities.

Our Vision

The O’Tahirah Foundation’s vision is to be a pre-eminent leader in helping society break its silence. We look to empower, and educate our communities on the importance of NOT ignoring the warning signs, known as “THE RED FLAGS of Domestic Violence”. We envision survivors rising above their pain, and striving towards thriving futures.