The O’Tahirah Foundation, Inc believes in the POWER of conversation. When survivors share their stories there is a transformative shift that happens between the person who is sharing their story and the listener. This helps to create the shattering of silence globally and is the beginning pathway to a survivor’s freedom.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an UNTOLD story inside of you” — Dr. Maya Angelou 1928-2014


Ruthie Bolton

Legendary Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and WNBA All-STAR Champion and Hall of Famer, Ruthie Bolton Opens Up For a Candid Interview with Tahirah Ogletree on here journey to surviving domestic violence.

Read her full story the "Agonizing Road to Succuess" in the book Survivors Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence

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Tony Topaz

Through his Hollywood connections, Tony Topaz has directed over thirty projects ranging from film, commercials, and documentaries. Tony opened up for a candid interview with Tahirah Ogletree, about being born into a cesspool of womanizing men, and the pain he lived through because of it.

Read more about Tony Topaz as he talks about being fathered by his mother's rapist and more in Survivors Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence.

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Debbie Gentry

In one year, she faced the unthinkable. From loosing her dad, to her son's head being decapitated in a railroad accident, to her daughter being near fatally shot. Mourning her losses she married to soon, ultimately experiencing every form of abuse humanly possible from her second husband. Debbie Gentry triumphantly survived the nightmares of that antagonizing year. Through faith she became Arizona's, Ms. Glendale Plus America 2017, started her own talk show "SWAGG on Heaven", and now is the recipient of The O'Tahirah Foundation's Medal of Honor award for thriving beyond domestic violence!


Lauren Gold

The dangerous warning signings Lauren faced with online dating turned her world upside-down after she discovered he was an abusive predator. After six months she woke up to a nightmare riddled with Domestic Violence

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