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Tahirah Ogletree is an author, actress, indie-filmmaker, domestic violence survivor, and advocate. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Tahirah is also a charismatic leader, visionary thinker, and entrepreneur who retired after 13 years of working for one of the largest financial institutions in America to establish her production company in 2012, O’Tahirah Films, LLC. Shortly after producing two short films, “Battered, But Not Broken” and “Phoenix Finest In Blue”, Tahirah was rated as one of America’s top-aspiring African American women by Blow Fashion Magazine.


Known for her ambitious spirit and powerful drive, Tahirah’s mission to extend a heart of compassion and a message of inspiration, courage, and hope to anyone impacted by domestic violence led her to an even more noteworthy venture.  In 2014, Tahirah began her journey towards an innovative vision that would take 3 years to develop, igniting the birth of a new brand, O’ TAHIRAH®, awareness campaigns, a clothing line, and ultimately the creation of The O’Tahirah Foundation, Inc a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation.  The Foundation’s mission is to revolutionize domestic violence prevention by providing groundbreaking awareness, healing, support, education and, empowerment nationally and within our communities.


But the journey has not stopped with just the Foundation. The bold, innovative O’TAHIRAH ® brand became a public registered trademark in 2016, and Tahirah’s vision brought to life with her Award-Winning coffee table book, SURVIVORS Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence.   Tahirah chose a coffee table style book, to help increase conversation, and help raise more awareness on this societal epidemic.  This brilliant spellbinding and empowering masterpiece tears away the veil of shame, helplessness, and damaged self-image that is intrinsic to a pattern of continued abuse.  The Award-Winning book is an unprecedented tool that will break years of silence, provide HOPE, healing, and education that will help save lives.


The O’Tahirah Foundation will partner with community leaders and women shelters for their Annual Survivors Christmas Toy Drive, which will help families experience the joys of Christmas who’ve been impacted by DOMESTIC VIOLENCE during the holiday season.  From victim to survivor, through God, faith, and perseverance, Tahirah has conquered each obstacle in her life. She truly believes that the word “NO” is an opportunity for a future “YES.” With a passion for life, ambition to follow her dreams, and a heart of compassion, Tahirah will inspire many others to do the same.

End the Silence

Increased Awareness, Less Violence

Domestic abuse is a growing epidemic. The prevention of domestic violence is the focal point of all we do. Abuse of any kind is unacceptable. If you, or someone you know is currently the victim of domestic violence, please tell us.


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Survivors Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence


Get an autographed copy TODAY!  Survivors Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence is a beautifully bound, 12 x 9  full-color hardback 218-page coffee table book; dedicated to every victim and survivor of domestic violence.  It’s an unprecedented tool that will help break years of silence, provide hope, healing, and education that will save lives.  Reminding everyone that there is life beyond the deadly grips of domestic violence.