About Us

We Increased Awareness to Decrease Violence

Our innovative approach to reclaiming the lives of victims of domestic violence will be introduced through storytelling, understanding the power of faith, prevention through knowing the RED FLAGS of domestic violence, education on how to pursue a healthy relationship, financial responsibility, lifestyle changes through dieting, exercising and self-defense classes.  Also in our quest to raise prevention awareness, we will partner and distribute SURVIVORS Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence coffee table book to doctor’s offices, battered women shelters, salons, spas, hotels, self-defense gyms and barber shops.


We will also implement awareness through films, PSA’s, documentaries, Survivors Coffee Table Book Tours, Annual Survivors Christmas Toy Drives, Galas, speaking engagements, Signature Survivors Retreats, and support for batterers who are looking to become reformed.  Each survivor from the book,  SURVIVORS Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence; will have an opportunity to be apart of The Survivors Coffee Table Book Tour.


The O’Tahirah Foundation, Inc intends to hold Annual Red Carpet Gala dedicated to current victims and survivors every February, titled Revolutionizing Silence.  The Gala will be held in the same cities as the Super Bowls are in, with the call for more active NFL players and alumni to stand up for violence against women and show their support by helping dedicate this night to local battered women and survivors.

End the Silence

Increased Awareness, Less Violence

Domestic abuse is a growing epidemic. The prevention of domestic violence is the focal point of all we do. Abuse of any kind is unacceptable. If you, or someone you know is currently the victim of domestic violence, please tell us.


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Survivor’s Book

Survivors Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence


Get an autographed copy TODAY!  Survivors Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence is a beautifully bound, 12 x 9  full-color hardback 218-page coffee table book; dedicated to every victim and survivor of domestic violence.  It’s an unprecedented tool that will help break years of silence, provide hope, healing, and education that will save lives.  Reminding everyone that there is life beyond the deadly grips of domestic violence.